Thermal Inspection & Insulation Remediation

Thermal Inspection & Insulation Remediation Online Training & Certification

This course instructs you how to use an infrared camera to perform thermal inspections of insulation and also teaches you how to use an infrared camera for remediating insulation defects.

The Thermal Inspection (Infrared) & Insulation Remediation has been approved for any one of the following: 
  • 2 CECs in the cleaning/restoration category 
  • 2 CECs in the inspection category 
  • 2 CECs in the master category 
Energy costs having been on the rise for several years have many homeowners concerned about the cost of heating or cooling their homes. Homeowners have become more aware of energy efficiency due to these rising costs.

Many homeowners can reduce heating or cooling costs by properly insulating their home. Infrared cameras are used by trained inspectors / energy auditors to locate areas of insulation that may be inefficient. This online course teaches you techniques for properly insulating basements, crawlspaces, walls, attics, ceilings, and more.

No Infrared Camera? No Problem

This course does not require you to own or rent an infrared camera. Even if you don't plan to purchase an infrared camera for use in the field, you will find the information in this course useful to recommend proper insulation/ventilation techniques to homeowners/clients.

Infrared Thermal Inspection & Insulation Remediation

Thermal Inspection - Infrared CourseCourse Topics:
  • Infrared Terminology
  • Attic Insulation/Ventilation
  • Basement Insulation
  • Crawlspace Insulation/Ventilation
  • Wall Insulation
  • Straw Bale Insulation
  • Windows and Doors
  • Cathedral Ceilings
  • Thermal Inspection Techniques
  • How to Use an Infrared Camera
  • Insulation Remediation
  • and more!

Infrared / Thermal Insulation Inspection Forms Included!

Course Includes:
  • Online Course Access
  • Thermal Pre-inspection Agreement
  • Home Inspection Agreement Rider
  • Thermal Inspection Report
  • Progress Tracking via Internet
  • Unlimited Student Support
  • Certificate of Completion

The course includes thermal insulation inspection agreement forms and a rider to your existing home inspection agreement form. You also receive a customizable template report form that can be used to produce infrared insulation inspection reports. These documents and resources are included with the course at no extra charge!

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